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          In the holy Quran and Holy BiBle, It is mentioned that Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ) has the power to cure the leucoderma as permitted by GOD.Late Hazarat Maulana Asrarul Haque founded Chisti Mission ( Burma ) in 1960 and established an Chishtiya Meditation Centre and a Skin Care Clinic in Kyungalay Village, Hlegu Township near Yangon, Myanmar. This Skin Care Clinic has treated thousands of patients ( both local and foreign ) suffering from leucoderma and various dermatological problems. After his sad demise we continue carrying on his noble task and giving treatment to whoever comes to us for treatment irrespective of his race and religion. No differentiation was ever made to any patients who come to us for treatment, Rich or Poor. We treat all patients on the same parameter.



                Today we have the knowledge that there is a vast changes taking place in the field of skin disease, of which leucoderma is mainly hampering the social image of an individual. These patches look ugly, especially in person with dark complexions.
                The person who is suffering from leucoderma feel very sad, depressed and always in tension, worrying about marriage and family problem, loneliness, shyness, threatening social relationship and also feel as a dead-life.                  
                Leucoderma disease is also important as other life-threatening diseases. Therefore we should also give priority in eradication this skin disease like other life threatening diseases.
                According to those reason, and humanitarian ground, necessary to look after and give possible treatment to the leucoderma patients. 


            Asrar Memorial Medical Centre is dedicated to serving the poor and we use Traditional Myanmar Systems of Medicine and Moderated with Unani and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. We have done a lot of research works on this field and are always searching for the better ways to improve the disease management. We have reached a success rate of 99 percentage. Firstly the medicine administered is in the form of pills manufactured under the trade name of LEOMEX. Now from pill to tablet is produced under the Trademark of Himawondar and registered. The treatment process involves applying ointment on affected skin and oral medicine. Oral tablet and ointment under the Trademark of Himawondar are available.
                We Wish to inform you that We would open online leucoderma care centre in yangon, Myanmar. This treatment can be availed by any one suffering from this disease irrespective of the place of residence. This can be obtained by post with the direction for use for free consultation. Please contact to us and we shall be happy to furnish you more details and answer your quesrise. You can reach us throught E-mail at  


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